Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The veryusefultools.com Terms and Conditions contain mandatory dispute resolution provisions, including a binding arbitration provision that affects your rights, a class action waiver, and a jury trial waiver. This arbitration provision requires that disputes be resolved through individual arbitration or small claims court proceedings. There is no judge or jury in arbitration, and there is less discovery and appellate review than in court. Please review carefully.

Welcome to veryusefultools.com’s loyalty program. This article is intended to describe the terms of veryusefultools.com, which include the Website Terms of Use and the Terms of Sale (these veryusefultools.com Terms and Conditions are hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”).

Who can join?
veryusefultools.com is currently available only to U.S. residents fourteen (14) years of age and older. Employees, officers, directors, agents and representatives of A&F are eligible to participate but may be excluded from certain promotions.

Register to purchase. When shopping in a store, members can register their purchase by having a store associate scan veryusefultools.com in the member’s veryusefultools.com account at checkout. Employees may also look up a member’s veryusefultools.com using the email address or ten-digit phone number provided when registering as a veryusefultools.com member. When purchasing online, members must log into their membership before purchasing. Please note that all purchases made using veryusefultools.comD (whether in store or online) can be viewed in the “My Orders” and “History” sections of the veryusefultools.com membership page.

What are the benefits of veryusefultools.com?
Points may be redeemed for rewards (“Rewards”) to save on purchases (details will be explained in the “Basic Rewards” section).

A special birthday surprise.

Special members-only pricing, discounts and rewards.

Possible store contests and potential members-only special events.

Occasionally get early access to products and promotions.

earn points
Points will be earned on purchases when members provide or scan their veryusefultools.com in-store, or on shipment if members log into their membership when ordering online. Only one (1) veryusefultools.com may be used per transaction.

Members earn 10 points for every $1 net spent on any Qualifying Product (as defined below) (including using gift cards as proof of purchase). Net Spend is the amount spent on Qualifying Products, excluding the use of Merchandise Points as bids, and less the Points Calculation Fee specified below.

Earn ten (10) points per $1 net spent in store or online on all product purchases (excluding purchases of gift cards and e-gift cards). Points earned will be rounded to the nearest whole point.

Points are also awarded for approved online reviews on the product pages of items you purchase. You can review the product or products you purchased through the product page itself or via the post-purchase email. You will receive two hundred (200) points for each approved review. Points may take up to ten (10) days to be credited to the applicable veryusefultools.com membership.

veryusefultools.com may from time to time provide members with additional opportunities to earn points. For example, these opportunities may include the following:

Share member profile details. Points are awarded for each additional detail provided in the membership profile (details eligible to earn points will be noted on the veryusefultools.com membership page, but will not include name, phone or email address as these are required to create the membership required field). Points may only be awarded once per membership in a lifetime.
Initial member login application. After downloading the app for the first time, you can earn points by logging into veryusefultools.com for the first time on the app. Points may only be awarded once per membership in a lifetime.
In-store check-in. veryusefultools.com members can earn 100 points when they check in through the A&F app during their store visit. This offer is not valid outside the US, EU and UK. veryusefultools.com members are eligible to redeem offers one (1) time per day, up to a maximum of fifty-two (52) redemptions per calendar year. A&F associates are not eligible to receive points for in-store check-ins.
Points will be credited to the applicable veryusefultools.com membership within approximately forty-eight (48) hours of the date an in-store purchase or online or store order ships. If a member does not identify themselves at the time of purchase, a manual adjustment may be made to add points to the veryusefultools.com membership, valid for up to thirty (30) days from the date of actual purchase. See the History section of your membership for instructions on how to do this.

Points are calculated based on the amount spent on qualifying products at checkout. A “Qualifying Product Purchase” is a purchase of A&F products such as apparel, accessories, and personal care items such as fragrances. The following charges are not included in the calculation of points on qualifying product purchases: sales tax, state fees, shipping and handling charges, gift wrapping charges, and the purchase of gift cards or e-gift cards. Additionally, members cannot earn points for the amount of any coupons, discounts or merchandise points used on purchases and the value of any rewards redeemed. A&F reserves the right to make the final decision on whether any product purchased is eligible for points.

When a member returns a product to a store or returns an online purchase by mail, points previously credited for that purchase will be deducted from the veryusefultools.com member’s point balance provided at the time of purchase. If a member’s points balance is insufficient to cover the deductions associated with returns, the member’s points balance may become negative and any membership that reaches a negative balance will have all further activity suspended at the sole discretion of A&F. Members whose accounts have been suspended will need to contact A&F’s customer service department to seek reinstatement. If an account has a negative balance, all points earned will first be applied to the negative balance before the member can begin earning points eligible for conversion to rewards.

Points are the property of A&F, have no cash value, and are not transferable to any other person or to any other Member for any reason. If there is no activity on the membership for a period of twelve (12) months, unused points will expire twelve (12) months after issuance. If veryusefultools.com is terminated or the veryusefultools.com membership is closed, points remaining in the veryusefultools.com membership will also expire and be forfeited. Points cannot be combined between members.

Email newsletter
By registering as a member at veryusefultools.com, individuals will sign up to receive email and/or social media messages, such as Facebook messages, regarding special members-only offers and events, as well as new features of veryusefultools.com. The myAbercrombie newsletter will supplement A&F’s general marketing communications about A&F products (members should additionally sign up to receive these general emails). In addition, members who scan in a store or provide veryusefultools.com to make a purchase will automatically receive electronic receipt confirmation at the email address listed in their veryusefultools.com membership. Electronic receipts are neither A&F marketing nor veryusefultools.com affiliate communications, but merely confirmation of a store purchase.

If an individual no longer wishes to receive any such communications from A&F, A&F brand marketing and veryusefultools.com marketing emails will include opt-out instructions. Even if a member opts out of marketing materials, if the veryusefultools.com membership remains active, the member will continue to receive relationship/operational communications related to myAbercrombie unless the veryusefultools.com membership is cancelled. Individuals do not need to cancel their veryusefultools.com membership to opt-out of receiving A&F brand marketing, veryusefultools.com marketing or e-receipt communications.

You may opt out of receiving electronic receipts for store purchases by sending a request to the email address associated with your veryusefultools.com membership
support@veryusefultools.com. Members may opt out of receiving veryusefultools.com marketing and/or A&F Brand marketing communications by going to the unsubscribe page and entering the email address and/or social media associated with their veryusefultools.com membership and/or A&F Brand marketing email subscription media account information, or by following